Thursday, 24 September 2009

German Shepherd Dogs - Why You Should Have One

The German Shepherd is unlike other dogs, he is the 'Prince of All Breeds' - more than just a pet he is handsome, always alert and ready by your side. He's loyal, faithful and as they say........ he is "Man's Best Friend".

Unlike other dogs, you don't carry him around and cuddle him like a baby, and you don't have to 'dress him up'!

He is proud, reliable, easy to train, and very dependable, and what's more because he is so intelligent he is easy to communicate with by basic obedience commands. You need to build a relationship with your German Shepherd Dog and after training your Shepherd, you will find that he anticipates your commands and is ready for action. Be warned, they don't like sitting around - they need regular exercise and attention.

They are great with children and I guess they sort of bind the family together.

We've had German Shepherds for many years and have loved every one of them.