Monday, 5 October 2009

Donated Police Dogs Roasted Alive in hot Car

Do You Remember This?
My first reaction to seeing this was one of absolute SHOCK and HORROR!
How could anyone be so stupid as to leave any dog in a car in a heatwave?

Two donated German Shepherd Dogs, left in a Police vehicle, in a Police car park, outside a Police building, by a Police Officer was simply a staggering neglect of duty, and beggars belief!

The fact that they were donated Shepherd Dogs, and trained at a large expense for Police duties, just makes this a criminal act of neglect.
Many comments have been made as to what people would 'like to do' to the Police Officer responsible for this - I just hope that this will be investigated by the Animal Welfare Groups, made sure that official procedures and checks are put in place to make quite certain that this is NEVER - EVER likely to happen again.
This case should NOT be 'swept under the carpet' and those responsible should be dealt with the FULL Force of the LAW.
PC Mark Johnson 40, was due to attend court to face charges of causing unnecessary suffering but a doctor's certificate was provided saying he was unfit to face trial.

I've had German Shepherd Dogs for nearly 40 years, and I am appalled at this wilful act of negligence by the Police Officer involved.

Pc Mark Johnson, 39, denied the charge when he appeared before Nottingham magistrates on Monday and a trial date has been set for 22nd-25th February next year.